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About Us

Welcome to our vibrant community! Here at New World VVIP Party Girls Kuala Lumpur, we introduce you to the dynamic world of Party Girls.

What are Party Girls?

Party Girls, often abbreviated as PG, are high-end social companions who enliven the atmosphere at gatherings and parties. They engage with clients in various activities such as enjoying drinks, dancing, chatting, playing dice or card games, and generally creating a joyous environment.

Categories of Party Girls

Our Party Girls are categorized into two types:

Social Companions: These Party Girls accompany clients to clubs or venues. They enjoy drinks with them, engage in light conversations, and ensure that their clients have a delightful time.

Extended Companions: These Party Girls offer extended services which may include spending the entire night with the client.

It’s important to note that not all Party Girls provide extended services; some only offer social companionship and vice versa. The choice of services is at the discretion of the clients, and we will assist in selecting the right companion based on the services required.

Quality and Pricing

We have Party Girls from various backgrounds and qualities. The price for the services varies depending on the caliber of the companion and the type of service required.

Party Boys

In addition to Party Girls, we also offer Party Boy services to cater to the diverse preferences of our clients.

Discover an unforgettable experience with our array of Party Girls and Boys! 💛

For any queries or further information, please feel free to contact us at Telegram. @newworldvvip

New World Party Girls VVIP

We have Vietnam Premium & Local Chinese Premium Party Girls at Kuala Lumpur, to View More Please Visit our Telegram Channel.

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